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Mental Health Month: On anxiety, and struggling to get help

We need to talk about mental health. Kids need to read about mental health.

No one should go on for decades believing that anxiety cannot be treated or should be suffered in silence. If you’re hurting, reach out. If you’re not ready to reach out, that’s okay too. Asking for help isn’t easy. Giving a name to your pain isn’t easy. Treatment isn’t easy. Filling that first prescription isn’t easy. Access to affordable health care isn’t easy.

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About Maria

Maria Mora is Content Director at Big Sea in St. Petersburg, Florida. She’s been working and writing on the web since 2002 after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in English at the University of Florida. Maria’s articles on topics such as parenting, feminism and conservation have been featured at SheKnows, Cafe Mom, Azula, and Yahoo Parenting.

Maria is the single mom of two boys, and she shares her home with two Muppet-shaped rescue dogs. She loves high stakes, swoony romance, and rooting for the underdog. She will write for stickers.

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